Re: [gardeners] Chat

penny x stamm (
Sun, 10 May 1998 18:51:19 EDT

George, I'd LOVED to send some of this rain down to you --
we just got home from mid-Pennsylvania, and the driving was
the worst I've lived thru in years. Downpours followed downpours, 
mist and spray blocked our vision, and we're in for the same 
right thru Monday night. Our driveway drain was blocked up for
yards, so as we tried to swing into the garage, Jim opened the 
driver's door and spent 10 minutes clearing away the debris 
collected there, by hand. I think he's crazy not using a tool, for 
he could impale his hand on some horrendous hidden danger 
inside that muddy slough, but he rarely listens to advice. Kind of
a Lone Ranger of Life. 

Now I knew South Dakota is suffering a drought, but I did not
realize that Louisiana is also. Jimmie says that in 100 years, we
will have built a massive conduit grid across the USA, in order to
redistribute excess water to areas of need. I suggest that within
10 years they will have learned how to dehydrate water, and will
package the residue in plastic, ready for quick and easy 
reconstitution on demand.

Penny, NY zone 6 and drenched!

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