Re: House hunting, was [gardeners] Tumbler tomatoes

Kay Lancaster (
Fri, 15 May 1998 09:15:30 -0700 (PDT)

> I hope Steve is remembering to pull a few outlets and switches to check for
> aluminum wiring. Some of the older homes still have it and it's a definite
> fire hazard due to bimetallic corrosion. We turned down a home we thought
> we really wanted down here in 1988 because it would have cost to much to
> totally rewire it.

Mostly we're trying to look for bare land... for just these sorts of 
reasons.  But the site was just too nice not to look at a scrap of a
house too.  And both of us know how to rewire houses....  :-)

The aluminum wiring is safe as long as the transitions to outlets,
etc. are nice and tight and done with the proper receptacles.  I've
seen some corroded copper outlets that sure weren't safe, too.

Kay Lancaster
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