[gardeners] Plants, plants, plants

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 15 May 1998 20:28:24

Set out my new acquistions from the neighbor lady today. When I prepared to
plant the Pineapple Sage I found two plants in the same pot. Same with the
Lemon Grass, two bunches in the same pot. Since my Big Sister is visiting
this weekend guess who got the extras. Late yesterday Miz Anne came in from
a paint-out at a friends house with another batch of starts. Looks to be
about 10 or 12 different succulents plus another batch of stuff I forgot to
ask the name of. Having gardening friends is really nice.

Tomorrow we're going to a nursery about 30 miles away where they're having
a large herb sale. I already know they have Spanish Lavender, one of the
plants I've been wanting, so guess I had better take the check book.
There's also a day lily farm up there so reckon we'll visit it too.

We're mostly staying in doors due to the smoke from the south of Mexico,
heavy air pollution warnings out all over this area and we haven't seen the
sun or blue sky in three or four days. News people say it is from
subsistence farmers burning off their fields to replant and the fires
getting away. Looking at a satellite map it looks to be terrible down in
Mexico and is pretty bad in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and parts of
Mississippi and Missouri. Sure could use some of that rain our Yanqui
friends have been getting. But, life is still good.