[gardeners] Sadness

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 16 May 1998 12:56:13

Drove north for an hour to check out the herb sale and only bought two
herbs. A golden oregano with nice flavor for $1.99 and a heal-all for
$1.49, both in 4 inch pots and healthy. They were all out of Spanish
Lavender, guess I'll have to find some seed and grow my own. I was a little
disappointed in the herb sale, they were all pretty common stuff. They did
have Vietnamese cilantro and about 5 different varieties of rosemary. Was
attracted by the rosemary that crawls, or whatever you call it, but I have
3 varieties now. They also had a purple sage that was attractive but I'm
about saged out. Had a large wind chime set (with a large price) that
sounded like Buddhist temple bells ringing at a distance. May go back later
and check on that one. I did sketch it and got approximate dimensions on
the tubes, a little steel tubing and I believe I could make one.

Car air conditioning went out on way home, back to the mechanic on Monday.
Oh yeah, what do you do with society garlic, I was given a bunch today by
the "Flower Witch" (to borrow a phrase from Liz) on the next street.

George, hot and sweaty