Re: [gardeners] Rocks

Liz Albrook (
Sat, 16 May 1998 22:32:25 +0000 <> wrote:

> Dear Friends:  Anyone who wants a rock can have one -- free for the
> digging. And if you'll just dig where I point, my NGP will happily,
> cheerfully, and freely (i.e., no fee) instruct you in the proper way
> to exhume rocks! We have them in white (limestone), gray (flint) and
> reddish (something on its way to clay). YOUR CHOICE. FREE!! Pat 

Gee, Pat, I thought those rocks were set in caliche, AKA God's
Cement.  Does your NGP give the lucky owners-to-be the loan of a
pick axe after giving instructions on rock ownership or do you
recommend a "Bring your own jackhammer" approach? 

For those who would rather not dig your own rock, prefering to 
just load it into your vehicle, please drop by my place in Idaho.  
The former owners of our Casa de Dilapedos, discontented with mere 
clay, chose to add an "ornamental" collection of largish rocks to the 
landscaping.  In fact, the landscaping consists of river rock with 
largish rocks strategically placed in a pattern completely opposed to 
those found in Japanese rock gardens -- i.e. Redneck Rock.  (These 
people also put a magenta, long shag carpet over a beautiful hardwood 
floor in the master bedroom.)  These rocks are free for the taking as 
is the river rock underneath them.  And, as a bonus, you can take 
*any* rock from *any* location you choose.

Upon reflection it occurs to me that the former owners of our estate 
would have been quite contented to garden in the Texas Hill Country.