Re: [gardeners] Rocks

Catharine Vinson (
Thu, 21 May 1998 13:00:51 +0000

Liz wrote:

> Gee, Pat, I thought those rocks were set in caliche, AKA God's
> Cement.  Does your NGP give the lucky owners-to-be the loan of a
> pick axe after giving instructions on rock ownership or do you
> recommend a "Bring your own jackhammer" approach? 

The satellite that croaked seems to have taken Ma's ISP out; she hasn't 
gotten (or been able to post) mail in 3 days. So, I'll try and 'splain 
about the German Pic the people in Fredericksburg use to pry out the 
rocks. It's about 8 feet long; about broom handle in diameter. Has a 
pointed end. The idea is that you wedge the point under a bit of rock 
protruding from the ground and then start levering it at whatever angle 
you think might work. I think Father's been able to get out rocks as big 
as 5 feet in diameter with the blasted thing.

Catharine, who hopes that you guys can 'entice' Mother to tell you about 
the rock wall(s) she has "let" Father build for the last 8 years.....
> For those who would rather not dig your own rock, prefering to 
> just load it into your vehicle, please drop by my place in Idaho.  
> The former owners of our Casa de Dilapedos, discontented with mere 
> clay, chose to add an "ornamental" collection of largish rocks to the 
> landscaping.  In fact, the landscaping consists of river rock with 
> largish rocks strategically placed in a pattern completely opposed to 
> those found in Japanese rock gardens -- i.e. Redneck Rock.  (These 
> people also put a magenta, long shag carpet over a beautiful hardwood 
> floor in the master bedroom.) 

ps - Liz; maybe they used them their rocks for alters....goes with magenta 
shag carpet in the house, after all.