Re: [gardeners] Rocks

George Shirley (
Sun, 17 May 1998 07:57:07

At 09:10 PM 5/16/98 +0000, you wrote:
>> >George, who bought a round volcanic rock today, about 12 inches in
>> >diameter, for 5 bucks. Don't laugh, there are no rocks in Louisiana unless
>> >they're imported.
>>Bambi's, We don't have them either!  :-)
>Dear Friends:  Anyone who wants a rock can have one -- free for the 
>digging. And if you'll just dig where I point, my NGP will happily, 
>cheerfully, and freely (i.e., no fee) instruct you in the proper way 
>to exhume rocks! We have them in white (limestone), gray (flint) and 
>reddish (something on its way to clay). YOUR CHOICE. FREE!! Pat 
I used to deer hunt up in your part of Texas Pat. Collected rocks and
brought them back to the Gulf Coast where Miz Anne made herself a rock
garden. I don't go up yonder much anymore and I don't want Miz Anne to have
another rock garden. Seems that when we got back from 5 years in Saudi
Arabia, and got our stuff out of storage, that I had paid 5 years worth of
storage fees on a 55-gallon drum full of rocks. Fortunately the next time
we moved she left them behind or we would have repeated the process.

We may come up your way this fall as we haven't been up to the Hill Country
in years and have been wanting to go.