[gardeners] Hiatus

asidv@fbg.net (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 22 May 1998 17:20:50 +0000

Don't know exactly what happened, but there have been no messages to 
or fro asidv.fbg.net for days! This noon, I picked up a message from 
Penny, so maybe the problem is over. 
	We are in serious drought mode; the squirrels are eating the bark 
from the big climbing roses despite the four different water sources 
we have put out for all the critters. Not even the weeds are growing 
(except in those few places we have watered). We know we are over an 
aquifer and have our own well, but we are very very careful with 
water. Once, when the pump went out, we had no water at all for 
several days and it wasn't any fun. Thankfully, a neighbor gave us 
water he had saved from his downspouts,( put it up in kitty 
litter containers), and that was "flushers" for a time. You can 
really learn to appreciate a good neighbor.
	Despite last year's dire stories of Earl Campbell thigh squash, I 
have planted the same variety -- 12 seeds. All came up, are now 
thinned to the strongest 6 and next week 3 will go to the compost 
pile. We figure with 2 of us and 3 of them, we can supply the Food 
Pantry with the overage. By the way, did Catharine ever tell you to 
try grating raw zucchini into green salad? It's good.	
	Don't know how many of you are flower arrangers --for those who are, 
I apologize in advance. About ten days ago our garden club had one of 
those grimly intense flower-arranger-speakers who had instructed us, 
in advance, to bring "plant material, holders, cutters, containers, 
and a little imagination, PLEASE." Having precious little flowering, 
I took a few herbs and one wild plant that had three "blooms" in 
various stages of development. She went wild over my weed, begged for 
it, and took it home with her to "plant in my front bed." I shouldn't 
have been so mean -- it was goatbeard in all its glory! She will 
never get rid of it.	
	Hope you and your gardens are warm-cool-wet-dry 
enough and that you have a grand three day weekend. Pat