Re: [gardeners] Hiatus

George Shirley (
Fri, 22 May 1998 19:58:19

At 05:20 PM 5/22/98 +0000, you wrote:
>Don't know exactly what happened, but there have been no messages to 
>or fro for days! This noon, I picked up a message from 
>Penny, so maybe the problem is over. 
>	We are in serious drought mode; the squirrels are eating the bark 
>from the big climbing roses despite the four different water sources 
>we have put out for all the critters. Not even the weeds are growing 
>(except in those few places we have watered). We know we are over an 
>aquifer and have our own well, but we are very very careful with 
>water. Once, when the pump went out, we had no water at all for 
>several days and it wasn't any fun. Thankfully, a neighbor gave us 
>water he had saved from his downspouts,( put it up in kitty 
>litter containers), and that was "flushers" for a time. You can 
>really learn to appreciate a good neighbor.
>	Hope you and your gardens are warm-cool-wet-dry 
>enough and that you have a grand three day weekend. Pat	
Good to hear from the senior Vinson's again. Figured the satellite outage
had probably gotten you. Several other members of this list have had their
posts bounced but yours never did. Must have gone into the ISP never-never
land to be played with by the Lost Boys.

It's turrible dry here too, no significant rainfall (read none) since March
16th. The farmers of rice and soybeans are in dire straits and the
cattlemen are crying too. We're conservators of water from our years in the
deserts of the Middle East and it grates on me to see people watering the
street and the sidewalks. I parsimoniously trickle water where it's needed
and seldom sprinkle. I have baby cushaw and patty pan squash and the
cucuzzi edible gourds are making babies too. The green beans are good, I
had a mess tonight and put up 8 pints in the pressure canner. The chard and
new zealand spinach are right tasty too. As you can see I had a vegetarian
dinner tonight. Going to a Memorial Day barbecue tomorrow so I'm saving my
meat rations. Sleepy Dawg has been invited to the bbq also as she and the
host family's dog get along well. They're both accomplished moochers so she
will probably have a tummy ache tomorrow night if I don't watch her. Really
strange to watch a professional lap dog mooch onion and sweet pepper.
Reckon she's a gardeners dog. She helped me pick a couple of pints of
blueberries this evening so she got a handful with a little milk on them.
Acted like it was rare beef, weird little dog. Walked around burping for an
hour and is now taking a practice nap before bedtime.

Our gardens are doing well and I need to get out and deadhead a bunch of
flowers. I only realize how much work each of us does when one goes
missing. Me and the dawg both miss Miz Anne and are ready for her to come