Re: [gardeners] Saturday gardening

Margaret Lauterbach (
Sun, 24 May 1998 07:17:05 -0600

And then one day the rains stopped, the sun came out -- and I 
>took one look at that rock garden and screamed! Everywhere,
>the grass was taller than the plants! There was only one thing to do: 
>I took a half inch paint brush and an old veggie can filled with 
>dilute Roundup, and hand painted whatever grasses I could 
>cautiously approach. 
>For one week, nothing showed any reaction. After two weeks, 
>grass began to yellow. It is now three weeks, the grass is ALL
>straw color -- BUT I cannot pull it out of the ground!  It just does
>not appear to be dead ..... It is holding fast like glue.
>Penny, NY zone 6
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Penny, in the future, add one tablespoon of ammonium sulfate per gallon of
Roundup.  You'll see much faster results from the Roundup.  (This was
discovered in experimentation by Okla. State officials, and I've been told
this is on the label for farmers' Roundup, so if you're a MG averse to
straying from label directions, this should ease your mind).  Margaret