Re: [gardeners] Hiatus

Liz Albrook (
Sun, 24 May 1998 08:48:19 +0000 <> wrote:

>  Despite last year's dire stories of Earl Campbell thigh squash, I
> have planted the same variety -- 12 seeds. All came up, are now
> thinned to the strongest 6 and next week 3 will go to the compost
> pile. We figure with 2 of us and 3 of them, we can supply the Food
> Pantry with the overage. 

I'm sure the needy will be well taken care of by your generosity.  In 
fact, if you are feeling miserly and have a vast hunger for zucchini 
I would still be willing to bet that you could feed the hungry in 
at least 5 states with your overflow.  If it looks like your drought 
will end I suggest that you immediately hack down 2 of the 3 plants 
(rental of a backhoe highly recommended) unless you are planning to 
become one of those official Points of Light by feeding the entire 

> She went wild over
> my weed, begged for it, and took it home with her to "plant in my
> front bed." I shouldn't have been so mean -- it was goatbeard in all
> its glory! She will never get rid of it

Now there's a gift that keeps on giving!  That's one of the wickedest 
acts I've ever heard of.  Makes me wonder if the president of the 
herb society would know goatsbeard if she saw it or, if she knew it, 
would know the danger.