Re: [gardeners] Deedee et all

Margaret Lauterbach (
Tue, 26 May 1998 11:34:46 -0600

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>Margaret Lauterbach <> wrote:
>> Thank you, cousin Bambie.  I've been missin' Dee Dee, Jimbo and the
>> rest of the pack.  All that plantin', plowin' and sittin'
>> barebottomed on the garden to see if it's warm enough for plantin' ,
>> I just wonder if they ain't raisin' some watermelons there.  At
>> least Jimbo was clean before he started his plowin'.  Wonder how
>> long it'll be afore he has another bath like that?  Margaret
>You shut yore mouth bout that!  DeDe ain't gonna be swallowin' no 
>watermelon seeds with Jimbo! I swear, whats got into you?  Dang, you 
>know what kinda wimmin Jimbo likes and DeDe's got more class than 
>that.  Or do you have some gossip bout DeDe that I ain't heard about? 
>This here seems like a safety place to talk bout it cause Chatty 
>Cathy an DeDe don't appear to be readin mail too often.
>Beulah Mae
Well, I wouldn't swear to DeDe's class, but 'tother day i heard that bratty
nephew of Jimbo's yell "RAID!!" at the barn door, and DeDe was so busy
flingin' things on herself she didn't notice they were gunny sacks and
dirty horse blankets 'til she got outside and realized she was wearin' all
that stuff over her reg'lar clothes.  Started sweatin' like a no-class pig,
she did.  She was madder'n a boiled owl at that kid, too, and would 'a give
him his comeuppance if she'd've caught him.  Problem was, he was wearin'
them "in line roller blades"  and he could move on that packed dirt like a
whirly seed squeezed through a grape.  he'll have to come around sooner or
later, and you can bet she's waitin' for him, class or no class.  That
Lawndale Bitch