Re: [gardeners] stone pathways

Jane Burdekin (
Thu, 28 May 1998 05:19:28 -0600

We made a patio area with the form and concrete procedure in March.  I
really like the way it turned out.  It's under a large silver maple, and we
filled in the cracks with dirt.  I seeded them with thyme and corriander,
in early May but so far not much of it is growing.  I think I should have
kept it more consistantly wet.  I have seen the form at builders square,
home depot, eagle, and a local hardware store.  The redi mix folks also had
a pamplet on how to do it.  



> Rick Kratsch wrote:
> > 
> > I once saw a "Belgian" stone pathway made using a reusable form and
> > redimix concrete in some gardening supply magazine.  I would really
> > like to find it but don't know what magazine it was from.  Any ideas
> > would be appreciated.
> Hi Rick, 
> 	I don't know if its my computer or yours but your type size is tiny
> when I receive my e-mail. Being long in the tooth,gray of the head and
> wearing reading glasses, maybe its me. 
> 	Try Builders Square if you have one in your area.
> 					Happy Gardening
> 					Allen
> 					Bastrop Co.,Tx.