Re: [gardeners] stone pathways

Terry King (
Thu, 28 May 1998 09:10:46 -0600

There are two kinds of these forms now.  The newest one actually makes 
individual "rocks" while the older version is solid on the bottom but the top 
looks like individual rock cemented together.

I saw the newer one demostrated on a TV show.  You can move the "rocks" 
you make with it around when their cured to change the look or move the 
path.  Something you couldn't do with the other mold.

On Thu, 28 May 1998 05:19:28 -0600, Jane Burdekin wrote:

>We made a patio area with the form and concrete procedure in March.  I
>really like the way it turned out.  It's under a large silver maple, and we
>filled in the cracks with dirt.  I seeded them with thyme and corriander,
>in early May but so far not much of it is growing.  I think I should have
>kept it more consistantly wet.  I have seen the form at builders square,
>home depot, eagle, and a local hardware store.  The redi mix folks also 
>a pamplet on how to do it.  
>> Rick Kratsch wrote:
>> > 
>> > I once saw a "Belgian" stone pathway made using a reusable form and
>> > redimix concrete in some gardening supply magazine.  I would really
>> > like to find it but don't know what magazine it was from.  Any ideas
>> > would be appreciated.
>> Hi Rick, 
>> 	I don't know if its my computer or yours but your type size is tiny
>> when I receive my e-mail. Being long in the tooth,gray of the head and
>> wearing reading glasses, maybe its me. 
>> 	Try Builders Square if you have one in your area.
>> 					Happy Gardening
>> 					Allen
>> 					Bastrop Co.,Tx.

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