Re: [gardeners] Deedee et all

Liz Albrook (
Thu, 28 May 1998 11:52:52 +0000

Chatty Cathy  <> wrote:

> Margaret (aka TLB) wrote:
> > he'll have to come around sooner or
> > later, and you can bet she's waitin' for him, class or no class.
> I heard DeDe muttering while she was wriggling out of that gunny
> sack that she had a real bad feeling about that new kin of Jimbo.
> Said she done a little tinkering with his skates a few days ago just
> in case. DeDe's always been a big believer in insurance, don't you
> know...

Lordy!  Cathy do you mean it's true that DeDe was in the hayloft with 
Jimbo?  I'm plumb shocked and generally put off my feed!  The last 
time I saw Jimbo he was sitting at the kitchen table cuttin his 
toenails.  DeDe ain't never tolerated that kind of behavior from her 

What is wrong with DeDe?  Aunt Fanny sent me a note from that federal 
tennis court where she's been staying since the revenoorers took her 
printin press and she says that DeDe done got took up by some aliens 
like them ones they got on the X-files.  Was talking about some place 
called South Park and somebody name of Eric Cartman and some sort of 
alien probe and said them aliens done that to DeDe.  I just figgered 
that was all foolishness.  What if it wasn't no foolishness?  What if 
DeDe has been messed with by the aliens and turned into a robot that 
will do whatever Jimbo wants?  Oh, Lordy!  Do you reckon that 
Reverend Billy Bob can do an exercisism on DeDe and get rid of them 
aliens?  Do you think maybe some of that lectroshock therapy would 

We got to do something and soon!

Cousin Beulah Mae