[gardeners] Friday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 29 May 1998 20:57:07

Dried another 10 trays of herbs today and picked the green beans again.
Haven't snapped them yet but am estimating about 10 pints when done. The
bushes are still loaded with little beans and blossoms so there will be
more to come. 

Have a world of green tomatoes in the main garden, Homestead, Amish Paste,
and Yellow Pear. The Dinner Plate tomatoes aren't doing as well, they were
the ones infested with aphids. Got the aphid problem solved but the plants
are playing catch-up now. The Tumblers in the hanging baskets are still
producing and the tomatoes are still good. Haven't got any golf ball sized
ones as yet but plenty of ping-pong ball size.

The chiles are loaded with blooms and little chiles so looks like a bumper
crop there this year. The squash are doing well also, particularly the
Butternut and Cushaw, both varieties are loaded with squash up to 4 inches
long. The Cucuzzi edible gourds are still blooming a lot but just now
setting fruit.

It is terribly hot and dry here and now the city has posted watering
restrictions. You can water your flowers and veggies but not the grass.
Suits me for the moment although I am parsimonious with water anyway. The
grass crackles when you walk on it and I am not mowing in order not to
stress it anymore than necessary. Sounds like a good reason not to mow any

Because of the heat Sleepy Dawg and I are eating light. Tonight it was a
cucumber, several Tumbler tomatoes, and a raw Green Tint squash with a
couple of sweet chiles on the side. Topped off with a glass of ice water
and chased with a Gala apple for dessert. 

Tomorrow we harvest more herbs for drying and I will braid the garlic for
later use. Gotta pick radishes and more cucumbers too plus a bunch of sweet
chiles and some serranos. I tried to eat a Casabella chile tonight, looks
like a Christmas tree light. Hot as fire yeah! Finally seeded it and
chopped it fine and managed to eat it with not much trouble. Believe I'll
make a hot sauce out of them as the bushes look productive.

Headed for the showers and then off to bed. An abandoned husband's work is
never done. Be glad when next Wednesday rolls around and Miz Anne gets home.

George and Sleepy Dawg