Re: [gardeners] DeDe catches up....a little

Michael & Bambi Cantrell (
Sun, 31 May 1998 23:12:04 -0400

But Sam didn't figure on Miz Gloria. Fine woman she is Gloria. Just as soon
as I get back from passing the collecting plate, weeding the 'tater patch,
replanting the corn that the crows pulled up, and seeing if I can find me a
coyote in need of relieving itself in my garden (them rabbits don't like
that scent for certain!), I'll tell you how Gloria figured out that Sam
just didn't belong in our little neck of the woods.

You take care and tell Jimbo to wash behind his ears, you hear.

Now, DeDe, dearest.  You know that ol' cousin Ella Mae has been giving ol'
scrubbin's right regular these days that he's a been here.   Cousin Jimbo's
cutting grass and grubbin' in the gardens most every day to give cousin Ella
reasons to scrub him.  What a site.  Then they go off to Ella Mae's little
behind the barn to do more plowin' they says.  I know that that little
garden's been
cultivated more than 'ary other piece of ground in these here parts.
They must have it as slick as a whistle by now!  I don't bother none with
her little
patch of ground, as it's hers and I's got's so much of my own.
You know, I ain't never seen ol' cousin Jimbo so shiny ever before either.
He ain't never begged for no bath like that before either.
I talked with Cousin Jimbo tonight after gittin' your letter, and told him
that it
looks as if Cousin DeDe might be a needin' him back to her place since that
radio man Sam is a hunting little girls again.
Pray do tell how Gloria did figure that Sam was outta place!!  You know we
stand a waitin' to here!!

Cousin Bambie