Re: [gardeners] DeDe catches up....a little

Catharine Vinson (
Tue, 2 Jun 1998 15:21:30 +0000

Cousin Bambi wrote:

> I talked with Cousin Jimbo tonight after gittin' your letter, and told him
> that it
> looks as if Cousin DeDe might be a needin' him back to her place since that
> radio man Sam is a hunting little girls again.
> Pray do tell how Gloria did figure that Sam was outta place!!  You know we
> cain't
> stand a waitin' to here!!

Tell Jimbo to keep helping Ella Mae for a bit longer...that radio man is 
gonna be away for a bit of time I hear. Gloria told me, so it must be 
true. She said something about Sam belonging in some place like 
Sighdownia. Can't find it in my map book, but I figure it's someplace or 

Now about how Gloria got Sam figured. I don't rightly know. But I got me a 
notion that there's more Miz Gloria than folks see right off. Chatty Cathy 
heard from Beulah Mae the other day and looks to me like Miz Gloria might 
just be one of them Children of the Pink Ray. I dunno, but she keeps 
talking about some fellers that go by the names of Deyo and Bell. You know 
anything about them? For the life of old DeDe, I can't figure who their 
mothers' people might have been....

You take care, I gotta go see about keeping the crows out of the corn.