Re: [gardeners] In preparation for Green Thighs

Margaret Lauterbach (
Mon, 01 Jun 1998 15:48:44 -0600

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>Marianne wrote:
>> I'm a little confused though...I was under the impression that you're not
>> supposed to actually ingest epazote, especially 4 tablespoons worth. Or is
>> that caution just for us northern yuppie chef types? :-)
>Epazote has been a staple in seasoning of Latin American food for long, 
>long time. It's also listed as one of the preventatives for gas formation 
>associated with the ingestion of beans (now, isn't that a delicate way of 
>putting it?). I am no expert, but can't think of any reference to epazote 
>being toxic. It's a member of the goosefoot family....chenopodium 
>ambosides (wow, I actually knew that one; I may faint) and is generally 
>listed along with the other pot herbs in this family and genus.
>Anybody have any references to epazote being bad for you?
As long as we're on the subject of euphemisms, it's also a vermifuge.  Now
Catharine, that's nothing like a refuge for verms.  Epazote kills verms.
Some say epazote is mixed in milk and sugar for a vermifuge, and Sugar,
that would kill my appetite for the next millenium.  Plus kill any verms
sauntering around in my intestinal mazes.  Some also say that pregnant
women shouldn't eat it, and that it's a "menstrual stimulant," whatever
that is.  Does it provoke a menstrual period? Would it precipitate a
menstrual period if your body wasn't ready for one?   Does it make you more
enthusiastic about falling off the roof?  

Epazote has a long history of use in moderation, and well, gee, nobody ever
talks about Montezuma blowing bubbles...Margaret, who has three baby
epazote plants in an east herb bed.