Re: [gardeners] In preparation for Green Thighs

George Shirley (
Sun, 31 May 1998 17:19:07

At 11:08 PM 5/30/98 +0000, you wrote:
snip, snip

>In anticipation of the harvest, I'm posting yet another recipe for 
>zucchini. This one calls for epazote, that ugly, ugly, ugly plant that 
>grows semi-wild in Mother's part of the world (and is therefore given 
>little quarter or respect) but which has become semi-trendy among armchair 
>garden writers and yuppie chefs in search of PC cuisine.
Can us trendy fans of Native North American cuisine use just any old squash
or does it have to be "Thunder Thighs Zucchini?"

I'm battling the !@#$%^&* squash borers again. Just as the squash starts
bearing good here they come. Cut a bunch out today and squished them then
doctored vines with Bt. Shot some into the vine ahead of the borers and
used some Dipel powder on the plants. Since I've got some tiny cabbage
loopers on the kohlrabi went ahead and treated them.

Reckon you don't have much to do this summer do you Catharine? Since you
didn't plant 50,000 basils and 100,000 tomatoes this year. <BSEG>