Re: [gardeners] Glory, glory

penny x stamm (
Sun, 7 Jun 1998 23:42:29 -0400

Jane, well -- we're not quite at 68 years yet, but my hubby, Jim, 
at 76, still eats four meals a day like it's going outta style  ... 
when the day comes that he cuts back, I'm gonna panic! 

I know you've had rain/snow, but we're in the same kind of 
weather pickle. Today it reached 58*, with intermittant black
cloud rain and winds up to 20mph -- and there we were 
working on the new underground water grid with the blowtorch
and the plastic pipe cutters and the carpenter's rule -- in our
winter down jackets. Jim and I both have big troubles getting
down on our knees and up once again, ye olde arthritis having
taken over, so we are a full deck of cards struggling but not
giving in, with much laughter over the stumbling and groaning.
Doesn't stop us from getting absolutely infuriated with each other.
Can't figure out why a man sees things so differently from a

Penny, NY, zone 6 --- they tell me it's warm in Brooklyn .......

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