[gardeners] Preen and woody shrubs

Matt Trahan (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 08 Jun 1998 00:55:08 -0400

 A few weeks ago, "someone on some list" mentioned that there is some new
evidence that repeated heavy use of preen can be harmful to some woody shrubs.

Since I have a deep physical and emotional attachment to preen, I was
concerned about it. 

 Does anyone have any info?

 Yes, I've already been snookered into spending $$$ on W.O.W. from
Garden(ers money's) Alive, and I've tried plain old corn meal. Both work,
but the Preen seems to do a better job at roughly a similar cost. (And
doesn't look like a reinfestation of pine pollen)
 Our mice are already well fed, playing Hanzel and Gretel with the corn
meal doesn't really tempt me at this point. 
 "And we'll keep it mostly organic, so the birds and squirrels and bugs
will all be ok"
 LOL! Yeah, that was a few years ago, ;-) before the cute 3 foot snake ate
5 of my most visible small koi and goldfish, before the mice started
munching holes on the suspended bag of birdseed, before the birds started
pecking on the almost ripe apples and nectarines, and before the cute
little squirrels decided to help by digging up the flowers in the pots and
the ground so they could sprout a few hundred more pecan trees.

 Please don't start humming "The Circle of Life". :-0  

 Got a lot done today in the garden, wonderful weather and got to spend
some time gardening with my inlaws. First time in a while.

Have fun,

Matt Trahan  <matttrahan@ecsu.campus.mci.net>
USDA zone 8, AHS heat zone 7, Sunset zone 31, northeastern N.C.