Re: [gardeners] Thai food

penny x stamm (
Wed, 10 Jun 1998 00:35:28 -0400

Barb, that particular daughter does like Thai food -- and she also
loves the millions of pickled side dishes which come with a Korean
dinner. There aren't that many Thai restaurants around, but we
happen to have one in our town. Problem is that I'm the only family 
member who enjoys it, and so we don't go. For one thing, my hubby 
does not like coconut flavoring...

Now just what would inspire a couple to schedule a wedding at a
winery at 6:00am on a Sunday morning? Did they have to catch 
a plane...<G>... ? Do you often have to get up at 4:00 in the 
morning, to accommodate your clients? That sounds like it's
above and beyond the call of duty..

Thinking back on the cicadas, I'm surprised that the groups do
not come out in unison all over the world at their strange intervals.
We have not heard a word about an invasion. For one thing, it's
been so cold here that no bug in its right mind would bother to 
hatch into our hostile climate! Oh, sure - aphids, of course, but
then I did see aphids on some plants in a tiny veranda garden in
downtown Philadelphia during one of those February snow storms 
in that winter from Hell of a few years ago, when the snow would
not stop. 

I did get my test films back with the shots of the difficult light blue 
early flowers taken with Kodak and Fuji films. I was surprised to 
agree with those of you who do prefer the Fuji. I think you've made 
a convert! 

Jimmie and I spent a full day planting a small flower bed up
front with permanent shrubs. We had available 4 astilbes, 
4 miniature pieris (andromeda), 5 heather, 4 blue hill junipers, 
5 pony tail grass, 1 lovely low cotoneaster, 1 perennial Japanese
blood grass, 1 taxus emerald spreader Japanese yew, and 1 unusual 
Pitscale grass [hakonechkloa macra aureola]... there already are 
5 gumpo low azaleas [coral] in there, and the whole bed is backed 
up with hino crimson red azaleas, and thick ilex to the side.  It 
sounds exciting, but it proved to be a nightmare!

No matter what I invented, we could not use the bulk of the shrubs
because they refused to blend well. After a great deal of trial and 
error, we ended up with just the astilbes, pieris and blue hill
junipers to complement the gumpo azaleas. And after sleeping on
it, I trotted out there this morning secretly, and removed the blue
hills, for they will spread randomly and end up looking totally wrong.
Somehow there is still room for 5 more shrubs, but it beats me just
what I will choose! 

One step forward and two steps back seems to be our motto this
year ...

Penny, NY zone 6   

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