[gardeners] Harvesting the fruits

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 12 Jun 1998 20:58:38

Picked the blueberries again today, got about a quart. Also got at least
that many Yellow Pear tomatoes and a little bit of okra. We have 5 okra
plants, usually enough to freeze several quarts for winter use. Four of the
five are purple, seed from three years ago, and one is green, last years
seed. The silly plants are only about a foot tall and covered with blooms
and fruit. Sheesh, they're too early. Got about a quart of chiles today,
tabasco, casabella, serrano, and Longhorn. The Thai hots are developing
nicely, about 3-4 inches long, still green, and pointing straight up on the
bush! The Ancho's are doing well too, first time I've grown them and intend
to dehydrate them for later use.

Corn will be ready next week so we'll probably eat the entire crop at one
sitting. Only about a dozen stalks anyway. Gotta get to picking on the
basil again. Need to freeze a bunch of pesto and put up some basil vinegars
for gifts later. Already have a gallon and a half of dried basil put by but
it goes fast as friends are in the habit of calling for more.

I'm anxiously awaiting more cucuzzi to get big enough to eat. We certainly
enjoy the taste of the stuff. Ate every bit we harvested the other day and
look daily for more. The cushaw are really getting big, may harvest a few
immature ones and eat them as summer squash.

The Amish Paste tomatoes are starting to ripen and I'm pleased with what I
see so far. They make a largish tomato and the vines are really loaded with
tomatoes and still flowering on. The Homesteads are starting to ripen so it
won't be long until we have a regular BLT luncheon going on. Will probably
have to buy lettuce though as ours is bolting as fast as we plant it. With
90 + F every day it's no wonder the stuff bolts. At 5:30 this morning it
was 80F outside with 96% humidity. Took my coffee indoors today.

Off to shower, shave, and on to bed. A gentleman gardener who rises early
collapses early. Sleepy is already asleep on the couch with Anne who is
drooling very lady like down her chin as she dozes. Life is good.