Re: [gardeners] Cabbage varieties

Catharine Vinson (
Fri, 12 Jun 1998 15:39:00 +0000

George wrote:

> Last winter we grew cauliflower, first time in 30 plus years that we got
> curds. The broccoli was wonderful and we can generally grow it and kale
> without to much trouble. The broccoli we eat, the kale we grow as a trap
> crop for loopers.

I have little luck with cauliflower...good luck with broccoli (with the 
exception of the Romanesco variety). Kale is one of my favorites; I love 
to eat it.

> Makes a Texian deathly
> ill to think of eating a sheep or even tasting sprouts. Yechh!

Now, George. I am a Texian and I am right fond of lamb. And Brussels 
Sprouts are almost as good as a mess pinto beans beside a big pile of 
ribs. On the other hand, what the British do to both sheep (mutton) and 
sprouts is criminal. The mutton is high and the sprouts have been cooked 
to death. Tender sprouts steamed crisp-tender are one of the great treats 
of life.