[gardeners] Cabbage

Allen and Judy Merten (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 13 Jun 1998 05:26:00 -0500

> Hi Catherine,
>         I read your posting about your cabbage problem. The first suggestion I
> would make is to contact your county agricultural extension service
> agent. Each state has a "land grant college" established by Congress to
> help farmers fight disease in plants and cattle,to increase crop
> yeilds,etc. Now the extension service does all that and more. If you
> grow enough to pickle,can or freeze; the extension service has a home
> economics agent that will supply you with free info on all kinds of
> stuff from preserving fruits and vegetables safely, receipes,etc.
>         Here in Texas our land grant college is the world famous Texas A&m
> University. Home of the fighting Aggies. I'm a big fan of the extension
> service not the football team. I root for a different team.
>         The US Dept. of Agriculture is another unbelievable source of info.
> Your state ag college and state dept of ag and the USDA all work
> together. The extension service in Texas has programs for suburban and
> urban gardeners. They have varieties to garden on your high rise
> balcony. These are a terrific bunch of people who will fall all over
> themselves trying to help out. I can contact my county agent by
> phone,e-mail, or in person. I can usually get any info that I request in
> 3 days or less by mail.
>         Personally I think you might need to use a fertilizer with a formula of
> 10-20-10 at planting time and one with 21-0-0 about 3-4 weeks after
> transplanting. Cabbage is a heavy feeder. You will have to feed it every
> couple of weeks through the growing season. The only other serious  soil
> problem you might have is a boron deficency. You really need a soil test
> to determine the ph, fertilizer requirements,or any trace element
> deficencies. Your agent can recomend the right varieties for your soil
> and climate. I garden about 1/3 of an acre. I plant only the varieties
> recomended by the extension service for my area. My neighbor has been
> living here for 30 yrs and plants whatever strikes his fancy from
> cataloges or nurseries. We both planted the same amount of potatos in
> Jan. I harvested 500lbs of potatos. He harvested about 100lbs of low
> quality potatos. It is not me that is so smart. It is my co. agent. I
> hope you contact yours. You should be pleased with the results. It does
> not matter what size your garden or farm is. They will help you be
> successful.
>                                         Happy Gardening,
>                                         Allen
>                                         Bastrop Co.,Tx