[gardeners] county extension services

Allen and Judy Merten (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 13 Jun 1998 19:26:56 -0500

Hi Catharine,
	Since you call on a Texas CES you might be interested in talking to the
one in Bastrop Co, her name is Rachal Williams. I have dealt with
several agents in the past. She is the best so far. Her number is
512-303-0187.I have her e-mail but I cannot find it.
	If other states are not responsive to urban, suburban,small or large
gardeners, and those who need info about preserving food, they are not
following the mandate set out by the US Congress. I'd fire off a couple
of snail mails, e-mails and some phone calls to your US Rep. and both US
Senators. Also you can acess information from the USDA on the net.Here
is the website for Fla.U. they are close to Ga.so they might be of some
help. Also included TAMU.
Cabbage and other cole crops are some of the easist crops to grow. In
the fall just wait untill the temps are going to be below 90 before you
transplant. The only time I had any problems with cabbage,Brussel
Sprouts,broccoli and cauliflower was planting to soon(Aug.95-100). The
heat actually stunted or killed my transplants. If you want to plant
collards or mustard you should almost be able to through the seeds on
the ground. For the other big four I like to use transplants. In the
spring I like to plant in Jan. I hope this helps you out.
					Happy Gardening,
					Bastrop Co.,Tx
					Zone 8