[gardeners] NK seeds

Allen and Judy Merten (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sun, 14 Jun 1998 11:55:55 -0500

Hi George, 
	I had the same experience with NK seeds myself this spring. Snow peas
and Sugar Snap peas. I planted two pkgs. of each with little
germination. I thought I had planted them too deep so I got two more of
each ,replanted and got 6 seeds to germinate for a grand total of 8
plants out of 4 pkgs of seeds. I am trying to plant only what I can find
from the few seed companies here in Texas. Lone Star seeds were very
sucessful this spring.
	My wife and I have been canning and freezing like crazy. We are picking
tomatos daily 2 5gal buckets of the large tomatos and 5gals daily of the
cherry tomatos. Today we are going to freeze our corn. The  first
planting of 3 varities of snap bush beans are about done. The second
planting of 2 varieties is peaking now. We have yellow squash and
zuzzchini running out of our ears. We have eaten alot,given away a
couple of bushels and canned 12qts. Have a 5gal bucket full waiting on
me now. If you like jalapeno peppers, I planted Jalapeno Grande (6) for
the first time. We have gotten 12 lbs of peppers each week for the last
2 weeks. Final total on the 1015y and Red Burmuda onions is 75lbs.
Planted Big Bertha Bell peppers for the first time also. They are very
prolific. Its not the conventional bell pepper. It has a longer tapered
shape. Planted a more usual shaped bell called Jupiter. They are also
very prolific.
	We also have 3 kinds of watermelons and 4 kinds of canteloupes that are
coming along,lots of small fruit. I don't think we are going to harvest
much if it doesn't rain soon. Still only .1 inches since April.
Yesterday the temp was 103F,heat index of 108F. I'm in the eastern part
of central Texas not in the west Texas desert or so I thought.
	I hope you all don't think I have been rude telling about what we have
grown. It's just that this season has special significence for me. If it
had not been for a very skillfull surgeon, I would not be walking this
year. I spend a lot of time crawling in the garden because it is almost
intolerable to bend over. I count my blessings every day because there
are so many others with a much heavier load to carry than I have to.				
					Happy Gardening;
					Bastrop Co.,Tx