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Kay Lancaster (
Sun, 14 Jun 1998 11:46:09 -0700 (PDT)

On Sun, 14 Jun 1998, Dee Dee wrote:

> Here are some of the things I saw advised:
> Clip the ends of the seeds before planting or soaking.
> Sandpaper the seed husks for the moonflowers before planting or soaking.
> Soak them overnight in warm water.

All of these are manuevers aimed at getting water in through a hard
seed coat.  Clipping or sandpapering (I actually use a small file) is
easiest, imho.

> Soak them in warm water until they sprout.

Bad idea.  The seeds don't get enough oxygen and die.

> Soak them in warm water, then lay them out on wet paper towels until
> they sprout.

Better idea.  Can be combined with clipping and filing.

> Start them im peat pots, then transplant them in the peat pots.
> That the peat pot route assures they will grow - but they will grow more
> slowly and take forever to flower.

Bad idea in general... peat pots tend to restrict root growth.

> Do none of the above, and just toss 'em in the dirt, and keep the soil
> moist.

This will work, but a combination of clipping or filing and presprouting
on paper towels will be the fastest way to get them up and running, with
the highest percent germination.

Kay Lancaster
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