Re: [gardeners] NK seeds

Kay Lancaster (
Mon, 15 Jun 1998 00:09:37 -0700 (PDT)

On Mon, 15 Jun 1998, penny x stamm wrote:

> He's in pain the whole day, and yet he told me this morning that he
> thought he could dig the holes for my hundreds of annuals  with his
> left hand -- I told him that nobody could step into that big bed until
> it stops raining, but with our forecast of 7 more days of thunder-
> storms, I think I'll lay some plywood down so I can reach the middle,
> in the lulls between storms. 

Been there, done that, tell him not to bother.  Not unless he really
enjoys codeine.  Nothing like stretching "stay off  it for 8-10 weeks"
to "yah, well, I told you not to do that.  Now it's gonna be about
6 months."  ;-)

Hundreds of annuals, huh?  How tough is the ground?  Have you considered
just adding a few inches of workable soil or compost to the top of the
beds and planting in that?  It'll probably keep things from drowning,
too.  I did that this spring when I just didn't have the strength to
get the trowel in the clay.  Things are growing quite well, despite
their unusual planting in about 1.5" of decomposed bark dust on top of
Oregon clay.

Had a copy of "Growing Edge" magazine I accidentally left in the
bathroom... lots of hydroponics equipment ads.  This was a mistake-- I'm
married to an engineer.  We spent today setting posts for an experimental
hydrpoponic veggie setup in the backyard.  Amazing what you can do with a
sump pump and some vinyl guttering.  Anyhow, if either of us can still
walk tomorrow, I think I'm going to hang a sign saying "Steve's garden" on
it, with a fingerpost pointing to my raised beds 10 ft away.  "Kay's
patch".  ;-) 

Oh yes, the annual air show is over.  Hallelujah.  Major sonic booms
for three days in a row I don't need.  Nothing too exciting happened,
unless you count one of the Thunderbirds blowing a tire on short runway
and winding up nose-down in some mud.   Next year, I think I'll be
elsewhere.  Or deaf.  ;-)

Kay Lancaster
just west of Portland, OR; USDA zone 8 (polarfleece)