Re: [gardeners] I'm here (
Mon, 15 Jun 1998 20:51:47 -0400

At 05:38 PM 15-06-98 PDT, Laura Hunter wrote:
>>How goes the roses in Maine?  What is the climate doing out your way?
>I am real unhappy with the roses I planted this year. Since we have a 
>later spring than most people do I took the plants I got at the store 
>and dipped them in some extra wax so they would be protected from the 
>cold weather. I got the wax on nice and thick. Then I planted them last 
>month. They don't look right. The wax is starting to melt in the sun and 
>I can't see any leaves. Are my roses going to live?

Couldn't say.  Maybe, if the stems are green.  Next year use straw or
mulch, or plant in the fall.  I planted ahedge last summer which is doing
nicely but the winter has been so crazy I don't know if that luck would
hold or not. I don't trust the store-bought roses with wax and go for the
nurseries, bare root stock.  I'm at a loss which one would be reliable for
your area.  You're living in a foreign country.

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