Re: [gardeners] day off

Catharine Vinson (
Tue, 16 Jun 1998 11:18:56 +0000

Margaret wrote:

> I also should have bought some of the blue-flowering sweet woodruff she
> had.  She's grown it in the sun, though, so it looks more like clevers than
> sweet woodruff, tiny whorls of leaves, tall stems.

I would love to find some of this, too. My sweet woodruff grows well, but 
rarely/never blooms. The few blooms are white. I 'spect it's the need to 
keep it in pretty deep shade in my zone....the Atlanta head/humidity burns 
up woodruff in any amount of sun.

>.  This isn't El Nino,
> it's Gulf of Alaska.  Temp is 42. 

It was in the low 90s here yesterday. Humidity was oppressive. Yech. 
Today, a good bit of Atlanta is without electricity due to storms last 
night. Sky is getting darker by the minute, so we are gearing up for more 
winds and rain. I did a quick pass through the garden and harvested the 
very first baby squash and  mid-east cucumbers. Ate 'em all up. My Burmese 
okra should begin setting pods in a week or really interested to 
see how this variety does. 

Catharine/ATlanta, zone 7b