Re: [gardeners] wants to play

Beulah Mae (
Fri, 19 Jun 1998 12:22:28 +0000

Bubbles Everett <> wrote:

> > Okay, okay.  Let's clear up a little misunderstanding. The 
> > rackets (squash rackets OR numbers rackets) are on my turf. 
> > Before you start any muscling in, you better know what happens to 
> > guys what don't know their place.  /S/ Guido
> First, off, fellow. MY name is BUBBLES. Not Bambi. Bambi is a deer. 
> Bambi is also a REAL lady from North Carolina who is a member 
> of this list. So the name is BUBBLES, ok? 
> Bubbles. 

Dear Cousin Bubbles,

How you doin, hon?  Whats growing in your garden?  

You don't want to play with nobody named Guido, sugar.  You know what 
Aunt Edna used to say about them Italian gentlemen and, honey, Guido 
is just Got to be Italian.

Talk to me, sweetie.

Cousin Beulah Mae

PS  Bubs, I don't want to you to get upset but it looks like Bambi 
done got ahold of a computer there at the Sleepy Acers.  I done 
called the nurse station but they say he ain't been in the office.  
You better go straighten that all out before there's a problem.  Them 
Texans pack guns.  Chatty Cathy told me they even got folks what will 
tell you what kind of bullets to use depending on what your huntin in 
the agents office.

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