[gardeners] Whereas Bubbles Takes on Guido

Bubbles Everett (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 19 Jun 1998 18:20:55 PDT

> Bubbles-Bambi, Bambi-Bubbles -- makes no never mind to me -- what IS 
> my business is the rackets. Deer-dear, real-pretend -- still makes no 
> never mind. Rackets is the subject. Rackets is mine. Keep off my 
> territory. Okay?    Guido

Listen to me wise guy. And listen good. I know all about territory and
I've been working this corner for a LONG time. I figure these folks
are suffering from garden burnout cause mother nature is having a 
tantrum all over the place so I come in here, nice as you please, 
looking for a game of squash and then you start acting tough. I got
my racket on the up and up on the Home Shopping Network so don't you
go saying that "rackets is mine." My racket is mine, mine, all MINE.


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