Re: [gardeners] Aubergine & Clay bakers

Gayle Fields (
Sat, 20 Jun 1998 08:08:53 -0600

Thanks to Liz, Lucinda, and Ginny for the imformation on aubergine (no
wonder I couldn't find it in my books!) and on the clay bakers.  I
finally went to Chapters and got a whole cookbook just for claybakers. 
I am really excited as it is fat free cooking and one-pot to boot!! 
spices, and some meat and let things happen.  Am looking forward to
experimenting with my garden veggies - IF - this raining and cool
weather ever lets up and things can start to grow rather than just sit

George, I am really jealous reading your posts!!  But late next week
I'll be off to the Maritimes and maybe things will be right in the
garden when I get back :)


"Etiam sciurus caecus quasdam nuces invenit"