[gardeners] Greenhouse

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 20 Jun 1998 21:21:34

Good news, bad news. Got about half the fiberglas sheets off the greenhouse
and I have a lot more wood to replace than I thought. Good news is I
already have the wood, leftover from tearing down an old shed last year.
What destroyed the wood in the greenhouse appears to be dry rot and not
termites as I had feared. The new/old wood will be treated with a wood
preservative I have that should protect it from rot. My problem is not that
I can't repair the greenhouse it's that there aren't enough cool hours in
the day. Got up early this morning and worked until 0730 and back at this
afternoon from 7 to 9 pm. Working 4 hours a day and still sweating all my
fluids out. Lots of water goes in, lots of sweat comes out. Two showers,
two sets of shorts and t-shirts today and getting ready for the third. I
may be old but, by golly, I'm clean. <BG>

Tomorrow we make sweet pickle relish, got enough cukes, bell peppers, etc.
to do up a good sized batch. Lots of sitting time on it so will do it
during the hot part of the day. Got some real work I'm behind on so will be
sitting at the 'puter a good bit tomorrow also.

The basil, dill, NZ spinach, chard, and thyme all need cutting again too.
Maybe Miz Anne will work on those for me while I do my thing for bidness.
The golden grain amaranth is more than 5 feet tall and has huge grain heads
on it. Hope I don't miss the peak harvest time. Anyone got any recipes
using amaranth seed or do I have to make some exotic Native American dish
out of it?