[gardeners] What makes a variety a "winner"

Catharine Vinson (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 25 Jun 1998 00:53:44 +0000

Although I am never one to stir the pot <duck>, I feel driven to post the 
following and ask you all what you think. On first reading, I was shocked 
to see that it was written by an organization I have admired for many 
moons: TAMU. I may still be shocked, saddened, etc. But maybe they have a 
point and its only when we forget that they are saying that they are NOT 
RATING TASTE that tempers flare. For me, TASTE is everything when it comes 
to picking a variety. I would rather have *one* incredibly flavorful 
"Dinner Plate" tomato than a dozen "Celebrities." But then, I am not 
growing for A&P. Maybe what's bothering me is that TAMU is using the word 
"gardener" to describe agribusiness instead of "jest folks" like me who 
want to grow good FOOD, not commidity crops. Anyway, enough of my soapbox. 
Here's what TAMU says:

"Texas Agricultural Extension Service  horticulturists expect every 
gardener who selects our recommended   varieties of tomatoes and peppers 
to harvest at least 15-30 pounds of   marketable (quality) tomatoes per 
plant and at least 3-5 pounds of    quality peppers per plant if the 
following cultural techniques are  followed!! Concerning taste, 
consumer flavor preference is mostly  determined by personal preference 
for component flavor ratios of a     given vegetable. Some people love the 
Surefire flavor; others hate the     flavor. Unfortunately, some of these 
folks with differing opinions are     married so we are not saying whether 
a product tastes "good" or "bad".     Now you have a chance to experience 
new wonders by the productive new     vegetable varieties in Texas. These 
are listed and described below. If     you don't enjoy the flavor, your 
neighbors probably will. "