Re: [gardeners] What makes a variety a "winner"

Michael & Bambi Cantrell (
Thu, 25 Jun 1998 06:35:13 -0400

>Although I am never one to stir the pot <duck>,

Why, Catharine, I don't believe that anyone would ever think such a thing
about little
ol' you!  Since you could get no one else to bite this, I will take the
I do love fresh corn on the cob, although I have a preference for field

>"Texas Agricultural Extension Service  horticulturists ...
>Some people love the
>Surefire flavor; others hate the     flavor. Unfortunately, some of these
>folks with differing opinions are     married so we are not saying whether
>a product tastes "good" or "bad.
> If     you don't enjoy the flavor, your
>neighbors probably will. "


Now, read this again, Catharine.  They mention taste several times.  :-)
Who was that whos corn disappeared when it was still immature, and then
the babysitter across the street came over and said their corn was
It's often a matter of timing, doncha know.
Besides, TAMU points out, if you don't like the taste, your neighbor prob.
They are very wise to avoid the arguments over taste, as they point out, as
many of their constituents are married....

Bambi---who has never partook of the delights of a little chaw of Skoal