Re: [gardeners] What makes a variety a "winner"

penny x stamm (
Fri, 26 Jun 1998 00:17:53 -0400

Well, Bambi, it was my corn which disappeared when it was
immature -- but that was 30 years ago. Today we have to contend
with the darned rabbits! They chawed the lettuce right down to the 
cores -- but unlike that corn of yesteryear, sunuvagun if the heads
aren't regenerating, and all new leaves are growing in!! No such
luck with the snow peas -- they're gone. 

Was up at 5:00am this morning so I could prune my sick dogwood
before the truck arrived with the recommended fungicide. By 7:30
I was so hot and soaking wet that I sent a message over the clouds
down to George saying that now I really appreciate the conditions 
under which he has been laboring, for weeks. It ended up being
93* today, and I had to be outdoors -- what a killer.. and what's
worse, Friday will reach 95*. 

Gosh, I'd rather any day wear my long johns than my bikini.

Penny, NY

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