[gardeners] A matter of taste

asidv@fbg.net (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 25 Jun 1998 09:38:53 +0000

Reading the recent quotation from Texas A&M on taste, it would appear 
that certain factions within TAMU favor plant varieties solely on the 
basis of their plant/pound ratio, copping out on the matter of 
flavor. Perhaps this is because
	a) Texas Aggies have no taste (a widely held opinion by those who 
attended THE University of Texas, or
	b) Yankee bean counters have infiltrated the sacred institutions of 
the Great State of Texas, or
	c) That branch of TAMU that trains (note I did not say "educates") 
County Agenets has lost its appreciation of the fine distinction 
between Gardeners and Growers.
	Perhaps I can present my personal position by the use of a simple 
analogy generously suggested by our mutual friend Guido.
	In Guido's environs, attractive women of a certain type are 
sometimes known as "Tomatoes." At this point in time (to re-coin a 
phrase), Guido is much taken with the charms of Bubbles -- so much so 
that he is actually considering going into a semi-legitimate business 
with her purveying BS (to be politically correct, it will include the 
cows' production as well).
	Now Bubbles, we understand, is a woman of spirit -- in fact, this is 
what attracted Guido to Bubbles in the first place even though he 
immediately recognized she would be quite a handful. But does it 
follow that Guido would want to cope with EIGHT Bubbles? Or even two?
	Certainly, one Bubbles at a time is a sufficiency. Such a superb 
example of "tomato-ness" is quite enough. Guido is, after all is said 
and done, a perfectionist; he is disinterested in quantity if the 
quality is high.
	Or as Cousin Sadie used to say, "My dears, everything -- but 
everything -- is only a matter of taste."
	Pat (where no sign is seen of active squash roots).