Re: [gardeners] corn

Margaret Lauterbach (
Thu, 25 Jun 1998 07:05:07 -0600

At 07:05 PM 6/24/98 +0000, you wrote:
>Penny wrote:
>> We're not growing corn anymore at all -- but what we do get
>> in about 4 more weeks from the local farm stand is a mixture 
>> of yellow and white kernals, good length ears, and delicious.
>> I always thought that was the old Country Gentleman -- am I wrong..?
>I think Country Gentleman is a white "shoe peg" variety. Kernels aren't 
>lined up in rows, but are irregularly "scattered" all over the cob. 
>Kernels are deep and slender, ergo "shoe peg."
>My corn (the pink popcorn stuff) is just beginning to tassel and silk. Has 
>anybody grown a variety called "Bodacious"?
I've eaten immature ears, so no telling what it tastes like when it's
mature.  Many many truck farmers in this area grow that variety, and pick
and sell it before it matures.  Any corn is sweet and tender then.  Margaret