Re: [gardeners]corn

Margaret Lauterbach (
Thu, 25 Jun 1998 07:31:58 -0600

At 12:17 AM 6/25/98 +0000, you wrote:
>Penny wrote:
>> Delicious, but sometimes too dainty. It's hard to get enough pulp
>> in one's mouth to have a satisfactory chew.....
>Well, have you considered chawing on the cob, perhaps? Or a smidge of 
Is Skoal that designer snuss that leaves whitish circles in fellows' hip
pockets?  A pinch between cheek and gums?  My dentist is a great dentist,
but we have our disagreements.  He poo-poohed the idea that quitting
smoking is hard, because when he quit smoking, he started chewing.  His
kids put a temporary end to that, mixing borax in with his chaw, but next
time he went duck hunting he took along a fresh chaw.  He says it tastes
like dates.  Sob.  I love dates, but I have kicked the nicotine habit years
ago, and I'm not about to start chewing.  I'll just eat dates.

White shoepeg corn is chewy if you let it mature...Margaret