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George Shirley (
Thu, 25 Jun 1998 10:46:48

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>>Penny wrote:
>>> Delicious, but sometimes too dainty. It's hard to get enough pulp
>>> in one's mouth to have a satisfactory chew.....
>>Well, have you considered chawing on the cob, perhaps? Or a smidge of 
>Is Skoal that designer snuss that leaves whitish circles in fellows' hip
>pockets?  A pinch between cheek and gums?  My dentist is a great dentist,
>but we have our disagreements.  He poo-poohed the idea that quitting
>smoking is hard, because when he quit smoking, he started chewing.  His
>kids put a temporary end to that, mixing borax in with his chaw, but next
>time he went duck hunting he took along a fresh chaw.  He says it tastes
>like dates.  Sob.  I love dates, but I have kicked the nicotine habit years
>ago, and I'm not about to start chewing.  I'll just eat dates.

Well now, little Missy, Skoal, Copenhagen, and a few others leave that
white circle in a fellers hip poket. Never heard of designer snoose though.
And it's harder to quit chawing and dipping than smoking. In the mouth the
nicotine goes straight to the brain, in smoking it has to filter up through
the lungs first. Smoking is a known cause of lung cancer, among others,
chawing and dipping just makes your teeth, gums, jaws, and tongue go
cancerous and get removed. I have dipped and chewed both and can state with
absolute certainty that neither tastes like dates to me.

>White shoepeg corn is chewy if you let it mature...Margaret
George, who is pretty close to being without sin anymore. <VBG>