Re: [gardeners] Whine, Whine, Whine

Margaret Lauterbach (
Thu, 25 Jun 1998 07:22:00 -0600

At 10:25 PM 6/24/98 +0000, you wrote:
>George wrote:
>> Shucks Catharine, my Creole and Purple okra were bearing fruit at 12-14
>> inches tall and with good luck will continue to do so until they are 5 or 6
>> feet tall 
>Yeah, yeah, yeah. But can your Creole and Purple okra make the same claim 
>to fame as my Genuine Imported Obscure Delicacy From Across The Sea? 
>Namely, NO SLIME?
>> How about a wabbit trap and have your beans and meat at the same time.
>I have no heart; I am a mullet.
>> Come on down, when your belly is better of course, and help us with our
>> drought ridden garden. I promise my cooking won't aggravate whatever it is
>> you've got.
>Tell you what. I'll bring the okra, you bring the 'gaters <grin>.
Where did you get your exotic okra seeds Miz Catharine?  I'm trying the
Kidma cucumber this year, along with Shepherd's Tamra and a variety that
one of the  Research & Extension center employees brought back from Egypt.
Well, he brought the seeds back after visiting with his family in Egypt.  I
think these Middle Eastern cucumbers were developed to supply water to
whomever eats the cukes.  The Tamra has very thin fragile skin, according
to the catalog, so would be difficult to take on treks across the desert,
in a coarse bag slapping against the flanks of a fleabitten camel.  Oops,
sorry.  Forgot about your touchy digestive system.  You say you ate a bad
wienie?  I hope it was a regular one and not the footlong kind.  Best,
P.S.  Best not to tweak Alligator Shirley.  Have you heard about the size
of his knife?