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George Shirley (
Thu, 25 Jun 1998 12:52:58

At 12:02 PM 6/25/98 +0000, you wrote:
>George wrote:
>> No chewing bacca from Skoal, only snuff. Wintergreen, mint, and regular,
>> nasty stuff, gotta watch where you're walking on a construction site.
>Does this mean that Chewbacca isn't up to snuff?
>Catharine, who hasn't the foggiest notion of what the differences are 
>between chewing tobacco and snuff but is certain she will soon find out.
Chewing tobacco is meant to be chewed, generally stuffed in the cheek.
Snuff is dipped, put in between gums and lip and allowed to "stew" awhile.
Snuff is also generally finer than chewing tobacco. Chewing tobacco comes
in two styles to the best of my knowledge, plug and shredded. Plug is
compacted tobacco, sometimes mixed with a sweetener, shredded is just that,
also often mixed with a sweetener. Snuff comes in finely shredded and dust
sizes. Even got in little teensy bags for ladies and them sissies what
don't want to swallow any of the loose stuff. Two of my great-grandmothers,
the only two I remember, dipped Garrett Sweet Snuff in the square brown
bottles. Used to go pick sweet gum limbs for them to use. They would fray
the end of the little limb with their teeth, then dip it into the snuff and
"paint" the inside of their lower lip. Both had all their teeth up to time
of death around age 90. Evidently nothing bad (or good) can live in snuff
juice. Never would let either of them kiss me when I was a kid, always had
little brown trails down the corners of their mouths. Geez, were we really
that country back in the Forties and Fifties? GGrandmother Shirley used to
drink Watkins vanilla extract, 90% alcohol if I remember right. Kinda
covered up the reek of snuff on her breath. Boy, long term memory is nice,
I usually can't remember what I had for lunch yesterday.

George, waxing nostalgic but not his legs