Re: [gardeners] Progress report

Margaret Lauterbach (
Fri, 26 Jun 1998 07:05:20 -0600

>Squash - Grew Waltham Butternut, Spaghetti, Cushaw, Bennings Green Tint,
>got very few fruit due to squash borers. What we did harvest was excellent
>and the plants appeared to be heavy bearers. The cushaw in particular
>tastes good as an immature squash. Spaghetti and cushaw from Richters,
>Butternut from Walmart, Green Tint from Margaret Lauterbach (I believe).

No, I'm not responsible for the Bennings Green Tint, George.  Know nothing
about it.

>Edible gourd - Growing cucuzzi on the recommendation of Margaret. Excellent
>eating fruit picked young. I pick them at 15 to 24 inches in length and up
>to 2 inches in diameter and they have consistently been good. Very
>prolific, heckuva climbing vine, 3 of them are covering about 30 feet of
>netting that reaches 6 feet off the ground. I particularly like them
>sauteed with a little onion and garlic in olive oil. Had some tonight.
>Bright Lights Swiss Chard, seed from Margaret (darn I owe you a bunch
>Margaret). What can I say, very decorative, we like the taste, it freezes
>well so we can have greens all winter, and it's very prolific.

Plants ought to live through your winter, too, so you can eat fresh all year.
>New Zealand Spinach, seed from Pinetree, repeat what I said about the chard.
>Chinese Yam, seed from Margaret's seed store, ;-). Don't know anything
>about them and probably won't harvest anything until either next year or
>after frost, whichever comes first. Looking forward to seeing and tasting
>Louisiana Long Green Eggplant, from Margaret, haven't harvested the first
>one yet but am looking forward to trying them. Looks sorta like a green
>Ichiban, one of our favorites.
>Dusky eggplant, from Margaret, little round purple things, haven't
>harvested them yet but the little plants are only about 10 inches tall and
>setting fruit.

Dusky is supposed to be a large purple eggplant.  I did have some Thai
eggplants (round and small) cross and turn out purple instead of green with
green streaks.  I don't know what seed this was supposed to be.
>Golden Grain Amaranth, seed from Margaret. Great big seed heads, just about
>ready to harvest, reckon I'll grind it to flour and make some tortillas or
>fry bread out of it. Plants get about six feet tall and the stalk is as big
>around as my wrist. I'll let you know what it tastes like. Might just add
>some to my bread when I bake.

I understand you can thresh it by walking on it.  When first harvested,
it's stickery, and you have to get the seeds out of that stuff before you
use them.

>That's about it and the spring/summer garden is about shot. Reckon we'll
>still be getting cucuzzi, chard, and NZ spinach for some time and the
>chiles and eggplants like hot weather so they will continue to produce.
>Will give a report on the chiles later. What y'all growing?
How's your shallot supply?  Margaret