Re: [gardeners] Progress report

George Shirley (
Fri, 26 Jun 1998 10:15:32

At 07:05 AM 6/26/98 -0600, you wrote:
 Spaghetti and cushaw from Richters,
>>Butternut from Walmart, Green Tint from Margaret Lauterbach (I believe).
>No, I'm not responsible for the Bennings Green Tint, George.  Know nothing
>about it.

>>Bright Lights Swiss Chard, seed from Margaret (darn I owe you a bunch
>>Margaret). What can I say, very decorative, we like the taste, it freezes
>>well so we can have greens all winter, and it's very prolific.
>Plants ought to live through your winter, too, so you can eat fresh all year.

We still have some giant chard from last year growing. Reckon the bright
lights will do the same.

>>Dusky eggplant, from Margaret, little round purple things, haven't
>>harvested them yet but the little plants are only about 10 inches tall and
>>setting fruit.
>Dusky is supposed to be a large purple eggplant.  I did have some Thai
>eggplants (round and small) cross and turn out purple instead of green with
>green streaks.  I don't know what seed this was supposed to be.

These plants are small, the fruit is small and round and is purple. May
just be the sorry weather we've been having although the plants have
struggled since they came up.

>>Golden Grain Amaranth, seed from Margaret. Great big seed heads, just about
>>ready to harvest, reckon I'll grind it to flour and make some tortillas or
>>fry bread out of it. Plants get about six feet tall and the stalk is as big
>>around as my wrist. I'll let you know what it tastes like. Might just add
>>some to my bread when I bake.
>I understand you can thresh it by walking on it.  When first harvested,
>it's stickery, and you have to get the seeds out of that stuff before you
>use them.
>How's your shallot supply?  Margaret
That's the strangest thing, planted shallots I saved from those I grew from
the ones you sent me. They're just sitting there, not multiplying or
anything. I think shallots may just be a cool weather crop down here. Those
you sent were planted and overwintered and were prolific as all get out.
The ones I set out this spring are fizzling. Maybe they'll come on when it
gets cool again.

By the way, IT'S RAINING!!!  It has been drizzling rain since about 7:30
this morning, off and on, just the kind of rain we need. All of it is
soaking in so far and I hope it continues for a week. Kay, if you sent this
thank you. Will endeavor to send some sunshine and heat your way soon. :-)