[gardeners] Happy Dance

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 27 Jun 1998 08:25:28

Me and Miz Anne been out doing the Happy Dance in the rain. I would
estimate we're getting about a half-inch an hour right now and it's been
raining steady since about 0430 this morning. Everything is greening and
plumping up and the plants look happy again. There's something about rain
that makes them grow better than irrigation water. Maybe it's the nutrients
dissolved in the rain, or the acids, whatever it's good.

Miss Sleepy Dawg doesn't care much for the rain, to close to being a bath
for her. It was funny watching her try to hang her butt off the carport
slab and still stay dry while she piddled. She finally gave up and ran out
under an oak tree where the rain wasn't falling so hard. Came back and
begged to be dried off, only dog we ever had who didn't like bathing.

I hope those of you who need rain are getting it and those who don't
aren't. We're reveling in it. Getting ready to take off for a friends house
on the other side of town. He and I said we would sit nekkid on the lawn
glider if it rained this weekend and Miz Anne and his wife are gathering up
a crowd. I hope they like hairy, pot-bellied old men in the raw.