Re: [gardeners] Progress report

George Shirley (
Sat, 27 Jun 1998 08:17:16

At 11:18 PM 6/26/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Well, George, since you asked what are we growing, as of
>this afternoon (I no longer count my chickens before they hatch...)
>we have two tomato plants, one green pepper plant, and LOTS of
>scallions!  And that's all the wildlife has left us with.. [sob]..
>Penny, NY
Shucks Ma'am, us Texian men don't like to see a lady cry. Down in the souf'
the ladies would be eating the wildlife. Obviously ducks haven't been to
your place or the scallions would be gone. We raised a bunch of ducks one
year and they ate every onion on the place. We then ate the ducks, gave
away ducks, sold ducks, tried to get them to fly away. Never raised ducks

Actually, wish I could help with the wildlife problem but it's a problem
all over the United States. There are more white tail deer in Texas alone
than were in all the Continental US before the Europeans came. We clear the
forest, build homes and introduce ideal white tail habitat and then
complain when they eat our "stuff." I had better stop before I wax
political. <vbg>

George, up early at 5 to watch it rain.