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Myra Amler (
Sun, 28 Jun 1998 18:41:02 -0400


We have a similar situation here in Charlotte, we hit the 100 degree mark 
twice last week.  I watered everything yesterday except the area around my 
pond.  Today I watered roses.  Tomorrow I will probably have to start the 
whole bloomin process again.  If it is this hot now, what will July and 
August be like???

Myra Amler
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June 27 and it's another day in the inferno. My arms are sore from
hauling hoses. My laundry basket is stuffed with malodorous t-shirts and
soggy bath towels. My garden has gone catatonic. And the mercury appears
stuck at 95F. And it's not even July yet.

Catharine, going out to haul the soaker hoses some more